BobbyStiks is Back!

DATE: 5/26/17

QIC: Ugly Stik and Bob the Builder

# of PAX:

PAX: Captain Stubbing, The Adjuster, Overbite, Parrothead, Busted Grill, Bath Salts, Gappetto, Dr. Freud, Wreck it Ralph, Tank, Tiny Dancer, Last, Donut, FMB, Sparky, Dr. Doolittle, Trump, Venus, LETC, The Hoff, Blue Crush (Raleigh), Niles, Mayhem, Heisenberg, Gravity, Morpheous, Sulfur Toe, Zuckerburg, Lumburg (Depo), Minecraft, Havahhd, FNG- Lazarus (Nate Stratman)


  • divide into 2 teams and go your separate ways!


  • both teams performed the same exercises!
  • Indian Run to the pull up bars
  • Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
    • 10 pullups
    • 5 burpees
  • Indian run to the tennis courts
    • Cumulative exercises of:
      • 100- mountain climber merkins
      • 200- v-ups
    • Partner run across court 1, 1 merkin, back. Court 2, 2 merkins, back. Court 3, 3 merkins, back. Court 4, 4 merkins, back.
  • Indian Run back to the flag for 20 burpees OYO
  • Then finished up with our good friend, SALLY!


  • Strong work by all groups today! Shoulders were burning after all that!
  • Welcome FNG- Lazarus. Glad to finally have you out in the gloom!

That’s all I can remember, Sorry it’s late!

BTB- out!




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