Assaulting the Bridge

When: 5/30/2017

Where: The Bridge, Screaming Eagle AO under the Snow Cut Bridge


Who: Hoff and Sloppy Joe

On a morning that looked to be very stormy 3 men posted under the snow cut bridge. The radar indicated the storms would be going around our AO.  And, in fact, there was no lightning or rain in our immediate AO.  The workout would be a go.

3/5th of the BRR team was ready to assault  the bridge. Brace will be here soon.  We missed you Sir Mix a lot. Barney Fife is off motivating everyone he comes in contact with.  Who’s Motivated???


The Thang:

Repeats.  Not just any repeats but bridge repeats.  The goal is to run back and forth across the snow cut bridge as many times as possible before time expires. This training is meant specifically to improve endurance, strength, and get ready for the blue ridge relay.  I knew I was in trouble when the only 2 people show up were the Hoff and Sloppy joe.

So off we go. The Hoff is being sly and hanging into the back. I note any minute. I know at any minute  He is going to catapult to the front and start crushing this run. But he lets me lead the first round.  We continue 5 more times.  Occasionally, he would take the lead and sometimes sloppy Joe would take the lead. Motivation was high.  Everybody worked hard pushing the pace.

In the end, we finished 5 miles and we averaged 8 minutes and 20 seconds per mile. A good start.

COT on the run back to the cars.


Hoff no Romper!!!

Sloppy Joe strong work. Great having you back in the gloom.

Sir Mix ????

Donut sorry you fart sacked. I promise it was safe!!!


EPO out






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