This is the Day

DATE: 5/27/17

# of PAX: 26 posted this morning on a beautiful Saturday at the beach

QIC: The Adjuster

PAX: Double Check, Parrothead, Diehard (Greenville), Flounder, Overbite, Peas and Carrots (FNG), MMOB (Charlotte), 8 Penny, Frogger (Charlotte), Goofy, Heinsberg, Dr. Strange Glove, Kenny G (FNG), Tiny Dancer, LETC, Wreck it Ralph, Tank, Last, Busted Grill, Milton, The Hoff, Geppetto, Seahorse, Johnny Gage,  Sir-mix-alot


Moroccan night clubs IC 50

Hip leg swings 10 each leg

Rotator cuff exercise IC 20…Is there a name for this one Tiny Dancer?

Merkins side to side IC 20…Way harder than I thought it would be

Mountain Climbers IC 25

Burpees- jumping touch knees and into spider merkins 10 Reps, 2 sets…Wanted to mix it up a bit from the standard burpee


Carterico Indian run to beach wait for the 6 

4 corners…Rinse and Repeat 2x

  1. squats with Toe touch kicks 10 each leg (get low)
  2. SSHx25
  3. Lunges one leg in all four directions 10 each leg
  4. Plank jacks 25

Run back to park

Jackknife crunch…v-sit with crunch up

Low Plank 

Plank See Saw back and forth

Heels to heaven with hips off ground

Flounder led us in another Mary to finish us out


Continued prayers for Papa Smurf, his family, F3ENC, and all those who he had such a strong impact on!

Parrothead will be leading the Memorial Day Murph on Monday at 5:30 then off to WB Park for the convergence for all who are interested

Memorial Day convergence at WB Park at 7 am 

Strong work by everybody this morning.  Sorry we didn’t get in the ocean but time was short.

I believe this is what Busted Grill may have been referring to with Francis Scott Key

Thanks for letting me lead this morning.  I always know that LETC has my back when it comes to the details



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