DATE: 5/25/17

# of PAX: 11


PAX: Venus, Patch Adams, Niles, 8 Penny, Last, Redline, Gapetto, Heisenberg, Blue Steel, Tiny Dancer

11 PAX gathered for a somewhat impromptu BTB Q thanks to Hoverround’s inability to stay local for the week!


  • SSH x 30 IC


  • line up in single file line 3 wide. The PAX to your right and left will form your team of 3. Mosey to my truck for a sandbag delivery to each team and lets get a move on
  • Once at the parking deck, one member goes to the top, one stays at the bottom, and one has the sandbag. The PAX take the bag up the stairs, the one upstairs brings it down, and the one who started down, takes it back up. And so on and so forth!
  • At the top: PAX will be continuously jumping rope until the bag arrives
  • At the bottom: the team of 3 will be cumulatively completing DORA
    • 100- burpees
    • 200- mountain climber merkins (those suck! They will be coming back)
    • 300- x cross sit ups
  • We got through the 100 and 200 sections, but cut the 300 short so we could get a bit of cardio in
  • Single file line for Caterico Indian Run to the top of the deck and back down
  • Gather our equipment and head back to the flag!


  • Gapetto: HC to post every day until you leave? I hope I can Q as many times as possible! Were gonna make you remember Cape Fear!
  • Niles: volunteered to pay $1 for each post Gapetto misses from here until he leaves for Winston at the end of June.
  • Venus: the only member of Stingray who could tough out two straight Q’s? Take notes Stingray boys! He’s coming for you!
  • Patch Adams: we’re gonna get you talking more! And it’s time for you to take a Q! You can hang with anyone and we want to see what you can bring to a beatdown
  • 8 Penny: I’ve seen some big strides in you lately! Keep up the strong work! Don’t be afraid to keep venturing out off Screaming Eagle!
  • Last and Redline: a two man team dominating DORA! STRONG WORK!
  • Heisenberg: Thanks for opening up the Q! You’ve transformed Battleship into a strong showing every week!
  • Blue Steel: I love calling you in to take us out! You break out the best prayers!
  • Tiny Dancer: Don’t act like that sandbag broke on accident as you chased down Niles at the end!

That’s all I’ve got today! Rest up and get ready for BobbyStiks tomorrow!

BTB- out!



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