Date: 5/24/17

QIC: 8penny

# of PAX: 5

PAX: Sir-Mix-A-Lot, TrollyStop, Flamer, BlueCrab


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Groiners x 20 IC


Mosey to front of school

11’s running between the sidewalk at the street and the school entry performing combination of burpees and bobby hurley’s.

Mosey around back of school to bars next to track

Morning Call:
All but one PAX in high plank while the extra guy counts-off performing (5) pull-ups. Every time a pull-up is called the PAX do a merkin.  After (5) pull-ups, he joins the group and the next guy  performs (5) pull-ups.  Cycle through (2) rotations with no one leaving plank position unless performing pull-ups.

Mosey back to school and grab space on wall.

Descending testicles: balls to the wall – (5) derkins, one step forward – (5) derkins, one more step forward – (5) derkins

Mosey to pavilion and find table:

  • Flutter kicks x 30 IC
  • American hammers x 20 IC

Duck-walk to 2nd light post and jailbreak to parking lot.


  • Flamer showing-off with back-to-back posts, nice work!
  • SE shirt orders due by 5/26, 2 more to meet min.
  • Prayers for (2) guys in Flamer’s firehouse who recently lost parents.

Great pace and strong work guys!

Much thanks for the opportunity to lead!

8penny, out!



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