What rain? Just run!!

When: 5/23/2017

Where: The Bridge, Snow cut park


Pax: Hoff, Johnny Gage, and Flamer


4 men posted under the Snow Cut Bridge on a very rainy and windy morning. Rain only makes the training better, right?? No sense in standing around. Let’s get this party started.

The Thang:

Run, thats right, run. This is a running workout and we will run.  Out of the parking lot to the end of the guard rail for the bridge.  Make a u-turn and head to the top of the bridge. Now push the pace down the bridge. Flamer is hanging tough. He doesn’t get out regular because of his work schedule. He is starting to question his decision to run with us. We make our way to CBSP and head toward the marina. We stop every mile to collect everyone. We take turns running with Flamer. By the marina we take a right and run on a trail that parallels the river.  There is something cleansing about running in the rain.

We emerge from the trail behind the food lion. Now to head home. Hoff takes the lead and we head up the embankment to the bridge.  Flamer continues to push hard. JG is up front with the Hoff.  We gather at the bottom and head to the cars.

4.1 miles and we pushed Flamer hard. He hasn’t run this distance in years.



Prayers for the Hoff and his bride.

Prayers for the people of England.

SE is 4 days a week.

Order your shirt.


Flamer good job today!!

Flamer has EIDH, Exercise Induced Dry Heaves. But he does not let it keep him from posting!!

The Hoff no shirt today but he did have on pants. What the hell?

Johnny Gage, Man that dude is getting really strong!!



EPO out




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