Rainy Day Tabatta at Turbo Tuesday

Date: 5/23/2017

QIC: Venus

Pax: Bob the Builder, Trump


Today is Turbo Tuesday at Wrightsville Beach but before I went to be the night before the weather forecast did not look promising for a run day so I created a HIIT workout. At 0530 with the rain steadily coming down, 2 brave pax got out of their cars and we moseyed to the church where they have a parking deck so to say. I little different from RUN day but I hope I got the heart rate up!

Warm-Up: Side Straddle Hop x30IC; Mountain Climbers x20IC

The Thang: As many reps as you can do:

1 minute Burpees

10 second rest

1 minute low plank

10 second rest

1 minute Lunges (alternating feet)

10 second rest

1 minute LBC’s

10 second rest

1 minute Bobby Hurleys

10 second rest

1 minute Freddie Mercuries

10 second rest

1 minute Merkins

10 second rest

1 minute Side Plank Dip (Right Side)

10 second rest

1 minute Dips

10 second rest

1 minute Side Plank Dip (Left Side)

10 second rest

2 minute Jump Rope

20 second rest in between each set.


Rinse and Repeat times 2 for a total of 3 times.


We ended right at 0615 by design!


BTB was still a little sore from the Ratt’s beatdown on Monday at the Monster Factory. While myself and Trump fartsacked yesterday. Whoops!

I enjoyed this mornings beatdown because of the tempo of the workout and my fellow pax. These guys mean a lot of me and it was a little change up being a small group and a not a lot of noise from cars since the weather wasn’t great so the mumble chatter was a different aspect but I hadn’t seen these guys in a while it felt like so it was good to catch up while making ourselves better.

We missed all those who didn’t come though.

$15 for Papa Smurf’s Scholarship at ECU from Turbo Tuesday.

Lets see how much we can get the rest of the week.

I had a fun little run workout planed so I guess Ill just have to wait for another day.

Prayers to those in England. Prayers to those who couldn’t be there. Prayers to those who make us better each and everyday.

Thanks for allowing me lead this morning gents.

Until next time..

Venus OUT!





One thought on “Rainy Day Tabatta at Turbo Tuesday

  1. letcf3 says:

    Venus, you know I gotta bust on you. My pax got 3.6 miles in and 78 burpees. That routine sounds pretty tough, but wasn’t it run day?



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