Chancellor’s Dozen

The Pax- Morpheus, FMB, Capt Stubing, Mr Kotter, Heisenberg, and FNG (Durham) Sparky

As YHC pulled into the parking lot wondering if we would have pax or just cats and dogs, when what to my wondering ayes would appear, a Morpheus sprinting back from a sad clown EC (come on Hoff). Then the 5 more pax came rolling in.  We decided to do this thing, because the heavy stuff wasn’t coming down for some time.

The warm-up- SSH IC x 20, and Imperial Walkers ic x 20.  Mosey to the bell tower end of the Chancellor’s walk.

The Thang- sprint to 1st light pole, 1 burpee, mosey back, 1 LBC.

Sprint to 2nd, 2 burpees, mosey back, 2 LBCs, etc. Do as many as you can OYO.

The pax hit 12 sprints, 78 burpees, 78 LBCs, 12 moseys, and 3.6 miles. Strong work.

It’s still raining so we don’t have time for no Mary.

CoT- This week is remember Papa Smurf week.  Everyone of us wants meaning and significance in our lives. Papa Smurf achieved it one pax at a time. He won the race. May we all live in such a way to win the race, whenever our time comes.  There was 4 $5 bills donated to the Papa Smurf ECU scholarship fund.

Moleskin- Mr Kotter, you killed it.  Great job.  Morpheus, you blew me away when you appeared ITG from your EC.  Strong work.  Heisenberg, thanks for pushing me- great work.  Capt Stubbing is in it to win it, making huge strides every week.  FMB wins the EH of the week award.  If you can pull off an out of town, pouring rain, FNG, EH like today, you can do anything.  Durham Sparky, great work.  We are going to sick F3Durham on you so you get back out there soon.

Tclaps to Sparky for joining us, FMB’s co-worker.  Don’t worry CapeFear Sparky, you will remain the #1 Spark in our hearts. Young Sparky is taking his F3 name back to Durham.

It was a privilege and honor to work out with you and lead this am.  Thank you.

LETC out.



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