No Yoga Mats at Stingray

Date: 5/22/17
AO: Stingray
QIC: The Ratt
# of PAX: 10
PAX: Dino, Zuckerberg, Ball Bearing, Etch a sketch, Tank, Flounder, Dixie Chick, EOM, BtB

WRMUP: SSH x50 IC, 10 Burpees OYO, and 25 Mountain Climbers


Get out your yoga matt and stretch….just kidding this is the monster factory!

To Start – DORA 1,2,3 Cumulative with partner doing the exercises below while the other Partner Pax runs up and down and around the bleachers. Everyone was fast today!
100 Merkins
200 Mountain Climbers
300 Squats

100 LBCs for Zuckerberg/BTB while the rest of us finish. Remaining PAX then joined in on Cotton Pickers and 10 Burpees OYO.

Station Work –
1) 20 WooleyWorms & 20 Dips
2) Sun Dial Merkins x10 IC at 4 Positions (YHC switched to 5 after realizing 10x IC sucked!)
3) Pull Up Bars: 20 Pull Ups, 10 Knees to Chest, 5 Burpees
4) Balls to the Wall (hold for 20 sec) and 10 Derkins IC
5) Run around the pond

We did this twice and on the third time stopped by rocks…
Grab two coupons, start with recovery curls x30 IC
Indian Run around the pond while either holding the coupons above your heard or curling. YHC was going to be lazy and not bring the coupons back but the PAX said this made no sense.

Shoulders burn anyone? Everyone stayed together and shout out to Ball Bearing who was a giant today! @uglystickwil this was my weekly post FYI – but I need to Q some more because I confess I was rusty.

COT: Prayers to Papa Smurf, every time you post this week bring 5 dollars to donate to #coopstrong. BTB is doing another GrowRuck on June 9th – so give him prayers for mental strength (we all know he has got all the physical anyone needs!). We missed @aaronjwilsonyahoocom and @adonald1215 aka Trump & Venus. I think they are still beat down from Dock Side on Saturday.

Thanks @f3dino for taking us out.













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