We R Blessed

QIC: ✔️✔️
PAX: Wendell G, Dino, LETC, C Hrs, BTB, BG, Brain Damage, Cracker, Parrot Head, GoBo, Last, The Adjuster, Heisenberg, Dr. Strangeglove, Milton, Blue Steel, Overbite, My Precious, Niles, McGuyver, Tombstone, Goofy, Ball Boy, Tiny Dancer, Bottle Cap


SSH IC x31

IW IC x31

Carolina Dry Dock OYO x31

Mosey to Johnnie Mercers. You’re responsible for the person behind you – this covers the 6 at all times. 

Surfee’s while we wait on the six. 



Squats up top 

Run down to the surf


Lunge walk back to top 

Flutter kicks in the surf while we wait on the six. 

Line up in the surf on your backs with arms locked & legs in the air for an Indian Run style exercise where the last in line gets up & proceeds to shove each of the other PAX feet to the sand as he makes his way to the other end and resumes his position with the rest of the PAX. 

Rinse and Repeat 3x

Move quickly PAX the tide is coming in & we aren’t moving – no one drowns on this former lifeguards watch!!!!! 

5 minutes to rid yourself of the sand in peculiar places & put your shoes back on. 

Mosey back to AO. Fast feet take the long way. 


American Hammer IC x31

WWII Sit-ups OYO x31

Hello Dolly IC x31



WARM work day after coffeeteria. PapaSmurf funeral in Greenville 14:30. LETC will post details on slack for those who wish to attend. Prayers for those who aren’t with us this morning. Those spending time with their families. Unspoken requests and needs. All those who protect us & their families who support the sacrifices made. Honor to lead and have good energy while doing so. I feel stronger & I know y’all see it. Hooah!!!

✔️✔️ Out



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