Pick of the Litter

6 Pax: Hooch, 8 Penny, Sir Mix, Trolley Stop, Beretta


Fall in behind Sir Mix for warm-up run around parking lot. Circle back up for some SSH and mtn. climbers. Throw in a little bro-yoga – crow pose to loosen up the hips. Four men go retrieve the grill off the back of the truck. It’s our litter for today’s excursion. Four men travel with grill into park. Stop for some EMOM (every minute on the minute) – three minutes of merkins and imperial walkers. Go over to asphalt path and sprint 50 yds, now run back. Four men secure the grill. Beretta pulls a muscle – OK, man down – he’s the casualty. You know what to do. Berretta hops on the grill and we are into a 60-step count before rotating the carry. Stop, secure grill and grab some grass (not that kind, Parrothead). Beretta does Mary. More EMOM. Go over to asphalt path and sprint 50 yds, now run back. Four men secure the grill. We are underway. Hop fence to swing set area and follow-the-leader through jungle gym. Hop back over fence and secure grill. Beretta hops up. 60-step count back to the pking lot.


Man, Trolley Stop has some wheels

Sir Mix – what did Trolley’s backside look like when you were running, ‘cause you damn sure didn’t get a look at his front #outrunbyanenglishteacher

Hooch – I heard you say something about a “lung coming up out of your head” … is that even possible? What are they teaching over there at Ashley? #goodtoreunite

8 Penny – A good Catholic boy from Boston … I knew I liked you

Beretta – you’re bionic and that’s why I want you on my team – OOHRAH!

Prayers for Pax, EMS, Fire, Police, Military
Prayers for the sick or infirm
Prayers for the young female bike rider hit and killed on 17th Street as she was going to work.

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following AYE!



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