Chasing Squirrels @ the Baseball Field

Date: 5/17/17

QIC: Fire Marshal Bill

# of PAX: 13

PAX: Busted Grill, Seahorse, Minecraft, The Adjuster, Heisenberg, Wreck it Ralph, Morpheus, Sulfur Toes, Lucky Charm, Bath Salts, Dixie Chicks, Last

WARM UP: 15 Copperhead Merkins, Air Squats to the song Flower, aka Bring Sally Up Bring Sally Down — down after Bring Sally Down, up after Bring Sally Up — pretty simple right? If you weren’t at HMP try this, the song is Flower musician is Moby.

THE THANG: Mosey to the Bars of Pull, in honor of Busted Grill returning from his cross country tour, we worked on our pull up form. Partner up, one partner completes ten perfect pull ups, while the other partner was completing air squats. The partner that was completing Pull Ups ensured that they started with arms straight, then chin to the bar, then back to arms straight. If you could complete ten in a row with perfect form great, if not, 5 sets of two, 10 sets of 1, whatever you could do, if you cannot complete a pull up, then jump up to the bar and concentrate on the negative. Mosey to the baseball field, keep your eye out for squirrels that may be following. Since the squirrel delayed the game in Cleveland we completed the majority of THE THANG in the baseball field to hopefully deter any squirrels from delaying games later in the day — this was our public service for the day. Start at home plate, mosey to right field complete 5 reps of named exercise, mosey to center field complete 10 reps, mosey to left field complete 15 reps, mosey to home plate complete 20 reps. Next exercise and back around the field. We completed five reps to include Merkins, Cross Country Skis, Burpees, Wide Arm Merkins and Bobby Hurley’s. The PAX was sufficiently sweaty and silent at this point. Mosey back to the flags. Listen to the song Roxanne and do a Burpee  every time you hear Roxanne, Seahorse started doing SSH in between Roxanne’s and motivated the rest of the PAX to do the same.


Prayers for those that could not make it and those that fartsacked. Prayers that we are all lights into everyone that we interact with. 2.0 workout at Baywatch followed with WARM workday on Patsy Lane — see BTB for details.

Busted Grill – Welcome back!!!

Seahorse – great motivation with the SSH’s during Roxanne, getting ready for the next Spartan already?

Minecraft – strong work, gave it everything!

The Adjuster – you seem to be able to talk normally regardless of how hard you have been going. Were you born with that talent or did it develop over years of running?

Heisenberg – always a pleasure to see you at the AO!

Wreck it Ralph – Respect! Seems like you have been coming out more often recently, maybe I have been coming out more often, therefore have been noticing you more often. I don’t know which it is, thanks for being at the AO!!!

Morpheus – glad you are able to make it back after nursing the Achilles!

Sulfur Toes – Love your bike!

Lucky Charm – glad to see you again. Keep showing up, you will be a better HIM for it. Check out click What is F3, then Lexicon to see what HIM stands for along with other jargon that we use.

Dixie Chick – thank you for continuing to post. See above for more info!

Bath Salts – strong work, talk to Niles about his special drink it gives you more energy, endurance or something — maybe he will trade you for some of your salts.

Last – you did show up last, I think. I know you did on Thursday, pretty sure you did on Wednesday also. Who cares if you were last, you posted, which means you beat the fartsack unlike others — they are the ones that were last for the day!

Pleasure to Q! Fire Marshal Bill out-



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