Date: 5/15/2017
QIC: Sir Mix A Lot
# of PAX: 2
PAX: Sea Horse
2 PAX gathered in the gloom for the first Tuesday run day at The Bridge! The run could not have been any better as far as temperature, and the view of the sun coming up made this a run to remember.
As the time quickly started creeping closer to 5:30 I realized this was going to be a small gathering, but no time to waste let’s Get it on!

Warm up:
What warm up? This is run day so let’s get running!
The thang:
The run was perfect mix,” no pun intended” with the Carolina Beach Bridge and a quick mosey to the Carolina Beach state park. Once in the state park we headed for the marina where we found our 3 furry four legged FNG’s Bambi, High tail, and John. To be honest I would have expected deer to be a little more skittish, but I think they might have been shocked to see two random guys on their turf so early in the morning. We headed back for the trip home talking about our new FNG’s, however little we knew the best was yet to come. The view coming back over Carolina Beach Bridge was a beautiful sight and really set the tone for the run, and the rest of the day.
Moleskin/ COT
Over all, perfect start for a Tuesday
Please be with all men and women currently serving our beautiful country.
As always it was a privilege to lead,
Sir Mix out-



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