Turbo Tuesday’s Little Indians

DATE: 5/16/17
# of PAX: 6
PAX: Venus, The Ratt, Tank, Flounder, Omar
-SSH x 25 IC
-line up for Indian Run from the gravel parking lot, over banks channel bridge, onto the beach at Stone St
-Indian Run on the beach from Stone Street to Shell Island
-once at Shell Island, turn around and run back to gather Tank
-line up starting at Access 4, for 100+yard sprint
-sprints continued down the beach for a total of 5 100+ yard sprints
-line back up for Indian Run on sand back to the gravel lot
-strong work by the 6 turbos today! We covered 5 miles, on sand, at a sub 7:00 pace!
-if you don’t think you can hang with this group, you’re wrong! This group is what will make you push to a limit you didn’t know you had and ultimately a faster runner!
Until next week, BTB-out!


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