Stingray Monster Circuit

DATE: 5/17/17
# of PAX: 14
PAX: Tombstone, Ugly Stik, LETC, Gobo, Etch A Sketch, Venus, Tank, EOM, AATB, Heat Pump, Blue Steel,  Coffee Bean, Ball Bearing
-seal claps x 25 IC
-Moroccan night club x 60 IC
-mosey around the pond while YHC goes over the stations
1) 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups, 5 side by side pull ups
2) 10 donkey kicks on bathroom wall
3) 20 copperhead squats
4) 20 wooly worms
5) 20 inverted mountain climbers
6) 25 dips
7) 50 yard broad jump burpees
In all we ran the circuit for 3 laps = 1 mile
-Mary while we wait for the six:
-side plank dips
-flutter kicks
-big boy sit ups
-single file line for Caterico Indian Run around pond
-after 1 lap, end at Faith Hill for clock merkins x 5 (2 rounds)
-single file for traditional Indian Run back to flag
-Heat Pump wants more so….. on your six for 2 minutes of protractor
-prayers for Gapetto’s co-worker
-ask and you shall receive Heat Pump! We can always do more work! I was already making everything up on the fly as we went along, don’t underestimate the power of my imagination!
-nice surprise to have a Screaming Eagle visitor in our presence! Tell your friends about the Monster Factory when you get back home!
-strong work by all. Everyone was dripping sweat so I’ll take that as a good sign!
It was a pleasure, BTB-out!


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