The Dime Bag

9 Pax: Gobo, LETC, Double Check, Cross, Heisenberg, Tombstone, Tiny Dancer, Niles, Gapetto
The Dime Bag


So a bag, or handful, of dimes gets you a cup of coffee – or almost, unless you go to one of those spiffy coffee houses where Mini-Me lives. Dimes – or any token, for that matter – can also serve to show or record distance covered. Put them together and you have a distraction while sucking it up during 400m repeats (lay your dimes down after each lap), and later you have one brother taking another out for a cup of Joe to share how far in life he’s come.

Have Double Check lead the men in a slow mosey to the track.
Partner up.
Announce to the men we will be doing ten 400m laps at a consistent, even and *repeatable* pace, with each man laying down a dime on the ground after each lap. Partners will alternate laps, with the non-running partner resting in low plank.

We had some fast repeats, and many of them consistent over the 2.5 miles we covered. Most hovered at about 1:45 per 400m. Strong work fellas … try doing that by your lonesome!


Prayers for Pax, EMS, Fire, Police, Military
Prayers for the sick or infirm
MAy 20 WARM work day – see Bob the Builder for an HC

Double-Check, you are back; now stay back. Your next goal is to do 400m @ 1:30 X 3. Are you up for it?

Heisenberg, thanks for allowing me to draft

Gobo is gonna get there come hell or high water

TD – 400 repeats are your thing, dude … I’m telling you

Cross – glad you crossed our path once again; see Double Check on why you need to come back

Tombstone – are you sure you’re not lost #carolinabeachboy

Niles – Your downward dog looks like Busted Grill looking for his hearing aid in the middle of the night

Gapetto – we will miss you and we know you will miss Hoff’s 400m repeats

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following AYE!



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