Big Bertha

Date: 5/15/2017
QIC: Sir Mix A Lot
# of PAX: 13
PAX: Tiny Dancer, lucky Charm, Sea Horse, Mindcraft, Gravity, Bath Salts, Mayhem, Sulfer Toe, Capt Stubing, LETC, and FNG’s Billy Jean and Black Beard

13 PAX gathered in the gloom on this perfect Monday morning to start their week off right with YHC and Big Bertha.

SSH X 30
Cotton Pickers: x 15
Baby Arm Circles “30ish” reversing half way through
Mosey around the loop to get the blood flowing

Enough Warmup Lets get it on!!!!

The Thang:

The Jar of Pain was brought out of early retirement, to help the PAX get their money’s worth this morning. Everyone broke off into teams of two, and one member from each team picked a card for the Jar of Pain. Each exercise that is pulled is completed in a cumulative effort by each team, so if you pull a card that states you need to complete 100 Merkins each team member needs to complete 50 for a total of 100.
The exercises printed on the cards range from, Merkins/ SSH/ Flutter kicks/ American Hammers/ LBC’s/ Pull ups/ Dips, and so on. In short, by picking their own punishment it allows the PAX to choose their own fate and adds a little spice to the beat down.
For a little added pleasure YHC also added a few cards with coupons, and if you were really lucky you might get a chance with Big Bertha.
Big Bertha is a telephone pole that will make even the strongest man question their decision to post.
Once each exercise has been completed each team knocks out 15 Kettle bell swings and Picks another card.

After everyone had been sufficiently beat down by the Jar of Pain I quickly realized everyone had not had an opportunity with Big Bertha. Eager to please, lets take a mosey to the pull up bars but take Big Bertha along for the ride. Everyone took a turn switching out when they got to tired to continue until we arrived at the bars.

On the way to the Pull up bars I realize we are quickly running out of time, so everyone knock out a quick 10 pull-ups and 10 dips and mosey back to the flag with Big Bertha leading the way!

As always, I seem to run out of time without getting in any Marry, next time!!


Outstanding weather this morning! cool crisp mornings like this are going to be a rare occasion in the next couple months.

Strong work by all!

LETC and Capt Stubbing,- sorry for all the running this morning. I really think you had the worse luck drawing the cards out of the Jar of Pain…. But you are now both stronger for it … so your welcome!!

Tiny Dancer- strong work knocking out all those merkins!!

Sea Horse and Minecraft- great job with the LBC’s with Big Bertha I know those had to be painful.

Surf n Turf aka Sulfur Toe- You are the man! You motivate me and all the other PAX more than you will ever know, strong work brother!!

Welcome FNG’s Black Beard and Billy Jean, you both did a fantastic job for your first post!

Please be with men an women in uniform, and our first responders.
As always it was a privilege to lead,

Sir Mix out-



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