Merkin Circuit

When: 5/10/17

QIC: Fire Marshal Bill

PAX: Sulfur Toes, Tiny Dancer, Niles, Wreck It Ralph, Minecraft, Heisenberg, Seahorse, Mayhem, Kramer, Bath Salts, Capt. Stubing, Milton

WARMUP: 25 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Copperhead Merkins

Mosey to the Bars of Pull.

Complete the BURPEE Challenge — 215 total!

THE THANG:  10 Pull Ups, 25 Dips, Mosey to Goose Poop Island, 25 Diamond Merkins, Mosey to the top of the stairs, 25 Merkins, Mosey approx. half way back to the Bars of Pull, 25 Wide-arm Merkins, back to the Bars of Pull, rinse wash and repeat X 5. The PAX was sufficiently beat down as there was very little mumble echatter during and after the circuit. Mosey back to the flags for a little Mary while waiting on the six.

CoT/Moleskin: Prayers for those that cannot make it to the gloom and for those who decided to miss the gloom, for our leaders and those that protect us, prayers that we are a light of hope to those that we interact with.

Sulfur Toes, AKA Surf & Turf – Strong work, I checked out the words dedication and perseverance on Wikipedia, your picture is beside both words, you embody the spirit of F3.

Tiny Dancer – I miscounted reps 2 no maybe three times, you corrected me each time, glad that the bone doc pays attention to the details. You were one of two Respects leading the PAX today, all out effort!

Niles –  the second Respect leading the PAX today, you mentioned something about a new drink with some kind of special herbs, I think you may have been referring to Red Bull and Vodka, but don’t worry your secret is safe with me…

Wreck It Ralph – you wrecked it, what more do I need to say! Another respect that finished strong!

Minecraft – All out effort! Do you ever miss a day? I think even when you are out of town a trip is made back to Wilmington everyone morning to get in the gloom. You embody dedication!

Heisenberg – Do they make some pills that Niles can take for what may be an alcohol problem? Red Bull and Vodka before 0530 is a definite red flag to me. Strong during the circuit.

Seahorse – No limping around for you today! Glad to see that your knee is getting stronger!

Mayhem – You killed it! Thanks for taking the Red Pill!

Kramer – I overheard you say “boy, these pretzels are makin’ me thirsty”, didn’t see any pretzels but the gloom makes you thirsty, maybe the dehydration was causing you to have a flash back to December 1991…

Bath Salts – thanks for taking a break from peddling your salts in other areas and making it out this morning! Getting stronger every day!

Capt. Stubing – I know that you offered to pay me to do many, many exercises that involved bending your knees, but no I am not going to help stay you busy at your day job, had to stick to the Merkins.

Milton – how much weight was in that vest??? Strong work! 375 Merkins and 50 Pull Ups with a weighted vest!

Pleasure to lead! Until next time — which is next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday….if you have never Q’d step up!!

Fire Marshal Bill


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