Turbo Tuesday

DATE: 5/9/17
# of PAX: 9
PAX: All About That Bass, Matlock, Flounder, Ugly Stik, Venus, Mr. Kotter, Trump, The Ratt

9 PAX gathered in the gravel lot at WB before the second bridge for the inaugural Turbo Tuesday run day workout!

SSH x 25 IC

Mosey to Stone Street and plank while we wait for the SIX
Run from Stone St, south on the beach to Crystal Pier
Run up to the road and run north to Johnnie Mercer’s Pier
Run back down to the beach and run south to Stone St on the sand
When you’ve arrived, turn back around and go get the SIX
Mosey back to the parking lot for some stretching

I’d say that day 1 of Turbo Tuesday was a success! 9 PAX was way more than I expected to see!
I’m glad other PAX have jumped on board, I hate the beauty of the beach going to waste during the week and only working out there on Saturday’s! I hope the growth can continue!
Just a reminder that Turbo Tuesday was created as a you VS you workout. It is geared towards running at a pace that is going to challenge you to reach new heights and speeds in your own personal fitness levels. The expectation is that we will have a course set for the day and that it is up to you to finish it, without the expectation that the rest of the PAX are going to “wait for you”. Trust me, everyone will finish and we will not let you get lost! You will be surprised at the motivation you see when you don’t want to be the last guy. Your splits will increase, your pace will increase, and before you know it, you’ll be setting PR’s! So don’t be afraid to join in on Turbo Tuesday!

There is a WARM workday on May 20. I need HC’s so that I can let the construction department know how many to expect and they can place us appropriately. It is a 2.0 and M friendly event. You don’t need to bring any tools, but if you have them, feel free to bring them.

That’s all I’ve got! Sorry this is a couple of days late!

BTB, out!


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