Rainy Friday Workout

DATE: 5/5/17

QIC: BTB and Ugly Stik
# of PAX: 13
PAX: Dino, The Hoff, SxSW, Morpheous, LETC, Captain Stubbing, Venus, Wreck it Ralph, Minecraft, Surf N Turf, 8 Penny, Bath Salts

Seal Claps x 25 IC

Well Ugly Stik and I had planned to split up the group and attempt to make someone splash Merlot, but it was pouring rain and only 14 of us posted, so we went under the shelter for some Tabata (I will do my best to remember all the exercises)
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off – 5 sets per exercise
1) merkins
2) squats
3) LBC’s
4) decline merkins
5) high bench mountain climbers
6) V-ups
7) dips
8) flutter kicks
9) incline merkins
10) burpees
I think that’s it, but lets be honest it was almost a week ago, I’ll never know if I missed one!

Strong work and motivation by all considering we were in the middle of a tornado warning and a giant monsoon!
Glad to have SxSW back with us! He started F3 with Ugly Stik and me, then had a baby with his wife, then moved to Raleigh, so we are always glad when he comes back around!
Don’t forget about the WARM work day on May 20! Please let me know if you are in! M’s and 2.0’s too! Bring tools if you’ve got them or just bring yourself. Going to work from about 9:00-1:00.

Be good.
BTB, out!



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