You Against You

Peter Griffin

  • When: 05/9/17
  • QIC: Gobo
  • The PAX: Donut, Fire Marshall Bill, Hoverround, Tiny Dancer, LETC, The Hoff, Heisenburg, and Last

Nice cool clear morning. Word has spread via Slack that two other run days are competing with the original. So therefore, WE NEED YOU! You..that want to get better at running and not feel left behind. START POSTING ON TUESDAYS! We will make you better, faster….but we don’t want to spend a lot of money….


  • 30 X Seal Claps
  • 25 X Imperial Walkers
  • 20 X Windmills

The Thang: Run own your own or with a buddy. Don’t slow down for your buddy though! Run within the confines of UNCW for 20 mins and then head back.


  • Flutterkicks
  • LBCs

COT: Make good decisions and be a positive influence in someone’s life today and this week.


  • Hoff was there for some extra credit. Well Done!
  • LETC in day two of beast mode! He kept up with the Hoff and they were buddies.
  • Heisenburg and Gobo were singing buddies, and I managed to lead us into a transformer area.
  • FMB was practicing sprints. Strong work!
  • Donut, Hoverround, Tiny Dancer, Last were a strong group!
  • Last had to leave early to take a dump….typical.
  • Harvard!!!!! Where were you? You promised to come out.

Seriously, now that the regular runners are doing their own thing, we need PAX to step up, post, and Q on Tuesdays and overcome the “dreaded” run word. We need to build back up the Tuesday UNCW Runday!

Thank you for letting me lead!

Aye, Gobo



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