Date: 5/10/17

QIC: Baretta

# of PAX: 11

PAX: Wannabe, Trollystop, Preacherman, EPO, Johny Gage, Hooch, Flamer, 8-Penny, Sir_Mix_A_Lot, Blue Crab


  • Side Straddle Hops x 25 4C
  • Windmills Front/Rear x 25 4C
  • Merkins x 10 4C


Mosey through parking lot and around the school to the Mosquito infested volley ball courts.

LAZY DORA’s – Partner Up!

Partners perform (100) Merkins, (200) LBCs, & (300) Squats as a team. P1 starts with (10) Merkins while P2 planks, then switch. Continue switching between Merkins and plank until (100) total Merkins reached.

Next, while P1 does (20) LBCs, P2 performs a 6″ leg hold until P1 is finished, then switch. Continue switching until all (200) LBCs are completed.

Finally, P1 does (25) squats while P2 does squat hold, then switch. Continue switching until (300) total squats are completed.

Finishing out all PAX in unison, completing Leg Lifts x 25 4C.

Mosey to the Pull-Up & Dip Bars:

  • Alternating Pull Up’s & Dips x 3 sets of each til Failure.

Mosey back to the Flag Pole:

  • One minute Burpee challenge – 11 PAX completing 237 Burpee’s


  • Outstanding morning, great weather and strong work by all!
  • EPO notifies PAX about new run specific workout, “The Bridge” starting on Tuesday, 16 May 2017. Post will go at 0530 in the parking lot under Snows Cut Bridge.
  • 4 Workout’s starting next week for Screaming Eagle- Mon, Wed, Thur @ Veterans Park & Tues @ Snows Cut Bridge.
  • Q Calendar-Look it up & shoot EPO a message on what days you want. Needing Q’s for (4) days a week now.
  • Sir_Mix_A_Lot – Mentioned how much he enjoyed the pull-up & dip portion of the workout this morning.
  • Flamer made it known he has been dodging the Q calendar for a year or so.
  • Prayers for Michael, a UNCW athlete who suddenly contracted a severe illness.


Semper Fidelis.

Baretta, out!



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