Screaming Eagle is Expanding

When: 5/8/2017

Where: Screaming Eagle AO, Veterans Park


Pax: Blue crab, 8-Penny, Wannabe, Preacherman, Spaulding, Donut, Tombstone, Baretta, Trolley stop, and Sir-Mix-Alot


11 men took a red pill and fought off the fartsack to post at Screaming Eagle. The weather was perfect for a beatdown. The pax were motivated. In fact so motivated that we will expand the Screaming Eagle workouts to Tuesdays and Thursdays. More on that later.

The Thang:


25 SSH,  this is when 8-penny shows up

20 MTN Climbers

20 Merkins

20 Cherry pickers

Mosey to the front of the high school.

EMOM- start with 20 SSH and 5 merkins. Rest when your done. Repeat every minute on the minute. GO..  Rinse and repeat 4 times then add 10 squats. So 20 SSH, 5 Merkins, and 10 squats, GO R&R x 4  Now 20 ssh, 10 merkins, and 10 squats, R&R x5.

Now move to the wall for Balls to the Wall. Do 5 handstand merkins. Now walk your hands out 2 steps in front and hold. 2 more steps and hold. Now 2 steps back. 2 more steps back. Recover. R&R x3

Back to the low wall.

EMOM- 10 wall jumps, 5 merkins, 5 LBC’s. 10 sets. GO.

Line up Indian run back to the Flag.


25 FK’s


Prayers for Wannabes brother in law who passed yesterday.

The numbers for SE have been consistent. We will add a tuesday and Thursday workout.

Tuesdays will be a run day. We will meet under Snow Cuts Bridge. There is a park there. Get ready for hill repeats.

Thursdays will be at the normal SE AO for Bootcamp.

Hell Yeah!! Who is MOTIVATED??

Let’s get the Q calendar filled out.


No more pot roast for Wannabe.

Tclaps to Donut and his groupie Tombstone for posting after the concert by Donuts band, Better with Bourbon, played the Dubliner yesterday.

Thanks to Baretta and Wannabe for Voluntolding to have a VQ in the next week. Way to step up.

Blue crab, Spaulding, and Preacherman you are next.

EPO out




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