Four Sandy Corners

May 6, 2017

QIC – Heisenberg

# of Pax – 18

Pax – Last, Deuce, Floyd, Heat Pump, LETC, Punchlist, Parrothead, Frogger, Epo, Niles, Blue Steel, Ball Bearing, Baretta, Tool Time, Hoverround, Morpheus, Gobo,


It is a coolish (54 degrees), sunny and windy day at the beach.  In other words, a perfect F3 day.  Let’s get started and remember I am not a professional.  Work out at your own risk.

Warm-up – SSH x 35 IC, Hillbillies x 25 IC, Windmills x 20 IC, 1 minute Burpees

Mosey to field for a few sprints and a bear crawl before forming 2 lines for Indian Run to Intracoastal realty parking lot for 1 minute Merkins and 1 minute BTTW.  Resume Indian Run to beach.

Using the beach, Stone St, N Lumina Ave, and Oceanic St as our 4 corners, we completed 4 rotations stopping at each corner to complete the assigned exercise (1st lap – Merkins x 10, 2nd lap – Plank Jacks x 10, 3rd lap – Squat jumps x 10, 4th lap – Burpees x 10).

Head down to the surf for Surftanamo – pax line up at the surf line on our backs with elevated feet, the pax on the end jumps up and runs down the line pushing each pair of feet to the ground and rejoining the line at the other end.  This is done in sequence until every pax has run the line.

Time for a brief jump into the surf before restarting our Indian Run back to the AO.

Stop half way for some Mary (Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Superman) then finish the run back to the field.  Let’s end the way we started (sprints and bear crawl).

We covered 3.4 miles today!


Wow, Last!  That is a very thorough foot de-sanding regimen you’ve got there.  Great to have visitors (Deuce, Floyd, Punchlist, Frogger and Tool Time) from various locations join us today!  Floyd, you might be part grizzly based on your bear crawl skill.  Heat Pump, you can join our BRR team any day!  Niles, thanks for the excellent videography. Strong work by Hoverround to complete a solo extra credit run today and being the elder pax.  Where were the hate-hates today?  May 20th will be a 2.0 Q at 0800 followed by a WARM work day.  More details to follow.  Heisenberg Double Q


Prayer of gratitude for the gift of F3.  Prayers for our troops and front line emergency workers.



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