The Circuit

3 MAY 2017

PAX – Tiny Dancer, The Hoff, Mini-ME (Lake Norman), The Adjuster, Parrot Head, Wreck-it-Ralph, Milton, Surf-n-Turf, Biggie Smalley, Gravity, Dr Freud, and Carpet Bagger

QIC – Minecraft

13 Pax posted for the Hump Day at Hugh McRae Park beatdown.  Welcome to Mini-Me from Lake Norman.

COP – side straddle  hop x 25 IC, hillbilly x 20 IC and cotton picker x 20 IC.  Mosey to play ground.

The Circuit – The Pax partners up for The Circuit.  10 stations around the playground.  Exercise at each station for 45 seconds and then 15 seconds to rotate to next station.  The 10 exercises were:

  1. Ball toss with 12-lb medicine ball.  Take a step back after you throw to your partner.
  2. jump rope
  3. squats with kettle bell
  4. shoulder press with cinder block or pavers
  5. swing set knee-ups
  6. low plank
  7. merkins
  8. wall step-ups
  9. flutter kicks
  10. plank jacks

Mosey around pond to breakup sets.

Rinse and repeat The Circuit.  This time 40 second exercise and 20 seconds to rotate.

Mosey around pond and back to AO for Mary.

Mary – Pax sits on their six with feet off ground and toss medicine ball around circle. Hold feet off ground until ball makes complete circle.  Rest.  Repeat tossing ball in opposite direction.  Pax does high plank in circle.  Each Pax does two merkins alternating hands on ball.  Then pass ball to next Pax.  Hold high plank until ball makes one complete circle.  Alphabet leg raises.  Freddie Mercury x 15 IC.

Moleskin – The Hoff spoke about the importance of F3.  He had a recent experience in a gym where he observed that everyone was in their own capsule.  As compared to an F3 workout and the connectivity of all of us at any F3 workout.  The Hoff encouraged us to reach out to our brothers and send a message of encouragement to them.  – Thanks Hoff!!!

Prayers – Prayers of thanks for the gift of F3 and the ability to be able to workout.  Prayers of protection for the men and women in the military and those that serve in the community.  Prayer for guidance as we go through our day.  Request that we are able to see Our Lord in everyone we meet today.

Thanks for allowing me to lead. – Minecraft




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