Burpee BOMBS

Date: 5/3/17

QIC: 8penny

# of PAX: 8

PAX: Wannabe, Trollystop, Spaulding, Preacherman, EPO, Baretta, Hooch


  • Seal Claps x 30 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 30 IC


Mosey through parking lot to street

Bataan death march to back parking lot.  Indian run with Burpees x5 before sprinting to front.

BOMBS – partner up, p1 runs across parking lot and back, p2 does reps alternating to complete:

  • (50) Burpees
  • (100) Overhead Claps
  • (150) Merkins
  • (200) Big Boy Sit-ups
  • (250) Squats

Mosey to gazebo and find a table:

  • Flutter kicks x 30 IC
  • American Hammer x 30 IC

Lunge walk to 2nd light post and then mosey back to where the flag would have been if a certain someone had posted!



  • Beautiful morning and strong work by all!
  • EPO is talking about starting a Tue/Thurs run session down by Snows Cut Bridge.
  • Pre-FIA work-out again this Sat Wrightsville Beach 8am-9am.  If you know any ladies interested, encourage them to join!
  • Wannabe – You mumbled something about hating me…compliment accepted!
  • Baretta – nice work fighting back the lactic acid from Monday
  • Spaulding – keep up the Ashley HS recruiting effort, it would be great to have some more young blood at SE
  • Prayers for Jack in Hospice care

Great job PAX!

My VQ and definitely an honor!

8penny, out!



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