The 11 Year Old’s Q


Tuesday Run Day at UNCW

Q: Flounder

PAX:  LETC, Hoff, Morpheus, Venus, Omar, All About That Base, Heat Pump, Capt. Stubbing, Tiny Dancer, HoverRound

The Thang:

Today was a special Q as my daughter assisted me with the workout last night before her bedtime.  She loves to run and had the idea to run sprint intervals.  I added in the exercises but was going to be nice with 15 counts.  However, she asked why not 25.  So, 25 was the # for the day!

25 SSH’s, Cotton Pickers and little stretching for a warm up.

Mozy to the track where we started off with a 100 meter sprint. 25 Merkins.  Mozy 100 meters then 25 Burpees.  100 Meter sprint then 25 Blast-off Merkins. Mozy 100 meters then 10 Nectar Jyde’s (25 would have been brutal….next time).  There we go, a nice upper body workout now run 2 laps (1/2 mile).

We then repeated the sprints with 4 sets of core exercises; 25 LBC’s, 25 V-ups, 25, American Hammer, 25 Sweat Angels.  2 more laps.

Repeat the sprints one more time with leg exercises; 25 squats (real men squats), 25 Bobby Hurley’s, 25 lunges and 25 skip jacks.  Only time for one lap.

Indian Run back to COT.

Hoff and Morpheus kudos for the EC before the post!

COT:  Shout out for HoverRounds colonoscopy today.  No thermos required.  Prayers for TD’s friends, some great reflection from Hoff and a prayer to send us off for the day.

Nice work my F3 Brother’s!

Flounder out.



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