Interval Mania

Date: 4/25/17

QIC: Omar

# of Pax: 14

PAX: The Hoff, Tiny Dancer, Venus, Zuckerberg, LETC, Wrigly, Epo, Dino, Captain Stubby, Mr. Kotter, Hover Round, Gobo, Morpheus,  Omar


  • Side straddle hops x 50- IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 10- IC
  • American Hammer X 15- IC
  • Stretch for 1 minute- OYO



  • Mosey to parking deck, Indian run style. Once at parking deck, conducted 3 rounds of intervals in teams of 2.
  • Round 1: Run to the top level of the parking deck. Stop at each level of parking deck with your partner to complete 50 flutter kicks (4 count). Take turns and rest as needed until 50 are complete. Once the team completes 50 reps, run to next level of parking deck and complete another set of flutter kicks as team. Once the last set is complete at the top of parking deck, run down the stairs and conduct Mary until everyone is together.
  • Round 2: Complete same run sequence as round 1, but at each level complete 40 ‘Mericans as a team. Run down the stairs after last exercise is complete at top level and wait for rest of group.
  • Round 3: Spring to first level of parking deck, complete 30 burpees as a team. Once complete, run back to start point and wait for all pax to complete.
  • Mosey  back to M Lot, Indian run style. Once within 100 meters of M Lot, sprint at own pace for completion.



Free workouts every Wednesday. Don’t miss out and bring a friend. Great workout and even better group of guys!

Strong work by everyone. This was my first Q and all guys really pushed themselves and supported one another. Many pushed mentally as well as physically to fight the pain and be their best. I couldn’t be more lucky to be have had this opportunity. Lets keep motivating each other and spread the energy and the word of F3.

Awesome work!!





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