(Turkish) Get Up out of Bed and Post

Date – 5/1/2017

QIC – Tiny Dancer

# PAX- 11

PAX – LETC, Bath Salts, Minecraft, Milton, Blue Steel, Seahorse, SurfnTurf, Gravity, Parrothead, Captain Stubbing

11 PAX slung some iron around HMP and mixed in some cardio and body weight exercises. Let’s get started.


Imperial Walker IC  X 25
Cotton Picker IC  X 15


Alternating single arm Kettlebell swings X 20
Merkins X 10

Rinse and repeat the swings with 9 Merkins counting down one merkin each time to one for a total of 200 swings and 55 merkins

Next is a circuit with two groups of exercises

Clean and Press – 10 each arm
Double Lunge – 10 each leg
Single leg dead lift. – 10 each leg
Goblet squat X 20
Windmill – 10 each side


Burpees X 20
Mountain Climbers X20
Jump Squat X 20
Kettlebell swing X 20
High pull 10 each arm

I wanted to do each group twice but time is running short so we repeat the first set completing 7 reps of each exercise.

Next we learned proper technique for the Turkish Get-Up. This is a great total body/core movement when done correctly.

We first did a couple of Naked Turkish Get-ups(that is with no weight, not no clothes Hoff). You will feel this even with out weight. Then attempted a couple with a kettlebell(start light).


Sit-up and press with weight X 10
American Hammer with weight IC X 10


Prayers for Capt. Stubbing’s sister-in-law as she continues to battle cancer
Prayers for Milton’s M’s coworker who tragically lost her daughter last week
Best of luck to Wrigley as he heads to Raleighto begin his new journey – keep in touch!
Bath Salts – great to see you posting consistently, keep it up
Blue Steel – welcome to Heavy Metal Monday, hope you enjoyed it  Great to see you during the week.
Stubbing – Ice that hammy
SurfnTurf – great enthusiasm -not much response from the Pax though – either its because it was Monday morning or they were working hard.
Strong work today by everyone, hope you enjoyed it. Work on that Turkish Get Up form and soon we will all be doing it with the big bells.

Always an honor and a pleasure,

Tiny Dancer – out



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