2 for 1 Mondays

Date: 5/1/17

QIC: Bob the Builder

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Zuckerburg, Edsel, The Ratt, Trump, Flounder, Tank, Hacker (Charlotte), Etch A Sketch


  • short and sweet, SSH x 50 IC


stations around the pond for a circuit

  • Station 1: at the pull up bars: 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups, 5 heel claps over the bar
  • Station 2: at the restroom building: 10 BTTW merkins
  • Station 3: at the swings: wooly birds x 20
  • Station 4: at the gazebo: dips x 20, step ups x 25
  • Station 5: at the parking lot: broad jump burpee across
  • 3 laps around the circuit/pond = 1 mile in total!
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX

Line up single file for Bataan death march all the way around the pond and the whole park! 5 burpees at the back, sprint to the front!

Stop at gazebo for clock merkins x 3 rounds

Single file for traditional indian run around the pond and back to the gazebo for dips x 25 IC

Sprint back to the flag!


  • Strong work today! Motivation was high and the workout felt like it was two workouts long! Which pleased me because 1) I always try to make my workouts hard and because  2) I couldn’t post last week with Turf Toe, so I’m making up for lost time! Just wait until Friday’s Q!!!
  • Zuckerberg and Edsel: always fun having you two post! It takes me up to the next level!
  • Trump: consistently stronger week after week and I love it!
  • The Ratt: self explanatory! One of a kind and everyone knows the Konrady’s rule this world!
  • Flounder: glad you let someone else catch the fish for a morning to join us!
  • Tank: you are a Tank!
  • Etch: the man with all the sweat! I’m digging the headbands
  • Hacker: joining us from Charlotte. Very strong showing this morning! Don’t be a stranger!

Great job today PAX! The Monster Factory was in FULL EFFECT this morning! I missed yall last week, but we will make up for it this week!

BTB, out!



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