Blackjack 21: did we bust or stay under?

QIC: Venus

Date: 4/29/2017

# of Pax: 21

Pax: Stryker, Milton, Wreck It Ralph, Heisenberg, Double Check, 8 Penny, Homeland, Hooverround, Serena, The Ratt, Cracker, Gobo, MacGueyver, Minecraft, Blue Steel, Sir Mix Alot, Tiny Dancer, Seahorse, Ball Bearing, TML (Charlotte)

On an absolutely gorgeous morning, we met at Wrightsville Beach Park to start the day off with our brothers. Stryker had asked em if i could help him so he can Q his own workout so today he VQ’d with me and got a taste of the fun!

Warm up: lead by Stryker

Side Straddle Hop x50IC

Cotton Pickers x20IC

The Thang:

Form 2 lines, Indian Run to Intracoastal Realty where we performed Annie x30IC and some flutterkicks x40IC at various tempos. Strong work men!

Form back up in our lines, Indian Run to the Beach.

Time to take the shoes off and shirts off. We are getting wet!

First Exercise was 21’s. OYO.

Start in line with the life guard stand. Run to the ocean perform 20 surfkins (merkin in the surf of the ocean), run back and do 1 squat. 19/2, 18/3, all the way to 1 surfkin and 20 squats.

Once done, each pax was to find a buddy who was not done and finish the exercise with them.

Next exercise was Capt. Terrible Thors. IC.

1:4 ratio with 5 merkins in between. 1 big boy sit up, 4 American Hammers, 5 merkins. 2 big boys sit ups, 8 American Hammers, 5 merkins. All the way to 10 big boy sit ups, 40 American Hammers, 5 merkins.

Lets put the shoes back on and head back.

Once back at CoT, Tiny Dancer led us in some Protractor that was awesome.

We finished the morning with 20 burpees OYO!




Prayers for those who need them.

Prayers for those who were not with us this morning.

Prayers for those who protect us.


FIA was started this morning. GOBO had the biggest Smile on. Sorry we didnt get to do pickle pumpers for you GOBO. oh wait, you left halfway through my workout to go get ready for FIA……

Double Check went and checked out the FIA ladies….he had to be called back to our workout. Glad you came out!

Stryker killed it today! He is ready for his own Q.

TML: Welcome from Charlotte, your an animal.

THE RATT: you sprinted back…i like it!

Ball Bearing: I heard your comment about 16 months ago you couldnt even run back to the park after the beach and now you are mumblechatting on the way back! Strong work! Your getting stronger.

Strong work by all PAX today!

We missed those who were not there.

As always, it is a pleasure to lead such a great group of men. all of you are #HIM.

Until next time…

VENUS out!



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