Paula Abdul – Still Got it!

QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 4-27-17

# of PAX: 6

PAX: Hoverround, Morpheus, Omar, Gopher, Capt. Stubing


50 Seal Claps IC
25 Mt Climber IC
20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

The Thang:

Indian Run and Snake our way up and down each block to the Nutt Street Parking Deck.

Time to meet Paula Abdul! Two steps forward, one step back the story goes. Sprint up two inclines perform exercise, back down incline perform half of first round reps. Up two, down one, got it.
8 Rounds:
Up 2: 20 Merkins, Down 1: 10 Merkins
Up 2: 20 Carolina Dry Docks Down 1: 10 CDDs
Round 3: 20 Squats, 10 Squats
Round 4: 20 LBCs, 10 LBCs
Round 5: 20 Burpees, 10 Burpees
Round 6: 20 V-Ups, 10 V-Ups
Round 7: 20 Mt. Climbers, 10 Mt. Climbers
Round 8: 20 Flutter Kicks, 10 Flutter Kicks

Take the stairs to the bottom. YHC gets lost in a story at the bottom and forgets what we are doing for a second. Oh yea, let’s mosey to down the alley to the 30ish ft wall. Then let’s climb it!

Once we have secured the 6, mosey down to Heisenberg’s Courtyard.

YHC may have invented a new exercise? Grab some wall when Q says down perform 1 Incline Merkin, then walk your hands down the ground into high plank. Q calls down, perform a standard Merkin! Back up to the wall for another Incline Merkin. Repeato until the PAX/Q is smoked. We got in 20, and everyone seemed happy to be done. Any name ideas? Ugly Merkins? Haha

50 Step Ups (25x Leg) OYO

Indian run up the stairs to 2nd street, head back towards the flag. Hang a right on Grace. See the sign that says DO NOT ENTER for the parking deck roof? Let’s go up there!

20 Cliff Hanger Merkins

We are out of time! Mosey back to the flag for COT!


We were a small PAX this morning but we were mighty!

Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Hoff – you may have not been there in person, but your spirit was felt. YHC got lost in a story, reminiscing on GrowRuck and how I would like to do a Q where you are not allowed to have a watch. I felt like I embraced my inner Hoff story telling abilities. Then I came to and realized I had 5 PAX staring at me wondering what why we were just standing at the base of the parking deck. I even through in a little Parkour!

Hovveround – claims I tried to kill him twice. Once when I made him climb the large wall (which we need to name. Trump’s wall? Too soon???) and again when I tried to slow him up so Capt. Stubing could run him over.

Morpheus – you appeared to be nursing an injury, but still managed to smoke Paula Abdul!

Omar – I’m not a ranger panty guy myself, but you pull them off well. Strong work this morning!

Gopher – cancelled double header on Tuesday meant you had no excuses this morning! Looking strong my friend!

Capt. Stubing – Leviticus says, “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”. Love you, neighbor! Thank you for not killing Hovveround. Speaking of killing it, you were crushing it during Paula Abdul on those inclines. Strong work!

Paula Abdul was a good exercise, and metaphor for life. If we had just gone straight to the top of the parking deck, we would have been done much quicker. The fact that we had to fall back one level each time made it take more time, and adding more reps made it more difficult. When we made it to top and saw the beautiful sunrise and fresh breeze, it seemed more rewarding to YHC, and we are stronger for it! If you stumble in life and slip back, don’t give up. Lower your shoulder, lean in, and keep driving!

Capt. Stubing took us out in prayer as we asked for God’s guidance and healing for our Brother Wrigley, guidance for ourselves, prayers for all the fartsacking PAX whether it was voluntary or not and prayers for our military and first responders.

As always, it is an honor to lead this group of #HIM!

Ugly Stik, Out!



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