Overzealous @ HMP

QIC: Fire Marshal Bill

Date: 4/26/17

# of PAX: 14

PAX: Tiny Dancer, The Adjuster, Dr. Freud, Wreck It Ralph, Sulfur Toes, Bath Salts, Milton, Accolite, Niles, Gravity, Biggie Smalls, Zoro, Gappetto

Warm Up:

31 SSH’s IC

30 Mountain Climbers IC

30 Cotton Pickers IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot beside the tennis courts. Do a Bent Jacob (any variation of Jacob’s Ladder). From plank position with your feet against the wall complete one Mike Tyson, bear crawl approx. 15 yards, crawl bear back to the wall, two Mike Tyson’s……..all the way to 11 Mike Tyson’s. There was a lot of mumbling from the crowd the Q announced to stop at 7 Mike Tyson’s. Marshal Bill was a little zealous in shooting for 11!

Move to the edge of the parking lot and complete 11’s. Start with one squat, run to the fence across the lawn and complete 10 decline Merkins, back to the edge of the parking lot, 2 squats, across the lawn, 9 decline Merkins……..until you get to 10 squats and 1 decline Merkin.

Line up single file facing toward the AO. Begin Walking Like and Egyptian, the PAX lunges with left foot forward and hold the lunge down while the six lunge walks to the front of the line, then the PAX lunges with right foot forward and holds it while the six lunge walks to the front, at some point two or three PAX from the six were lunge walking at the same time and then eventually the six was moseying to the front, once again Marshal Bill had been overzealous with the plans for the morning.

Mary once back to the AO.

Niles called the first Mary — Boat Pose Niles counted to five then the PAX to his left all the way around the circle.

FMB had the PAX do Five side V-ups on each side X 3 sets, Niles called the exercise the Jane Fonda, going to try to get F3Nation to adopt that into the lexicon.

Bath Salts had us hold high plank while everyone in the PAX counted to 10.


Welcome to Accolite from New Bern, sounds like he travels through Wilmington a couple of times a month, so hopefully we will see more of him. Save 5/20 for a workout with your 2.0’s after Baywatch, also LETC will be giving details of a service project on 5/20 as the date approaches — 5/20 can be a family day with F3 while making an impact in our community!

Glad to see everyone out this morning, great numbers at all AO’s!

Prayers for the men that took both the red pill and the blue pill this morning. Prayers for the leaders of our country and world, asking God to use the men of F3 to shine His light into our impact zones. Thankfulness for a beautiful morning!

It was an honor to lead-

Fire Marshal Bill, Out!






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