Date- 4/24/2017

QIC- Sir Mix A Lot

# of Pax – 8

AO- Screaming Eagle

PAX- Tombstone, Eight Penny, Preacher Man, Spalding, Wannabe, Epo, Hooch

It was threatening to down poor, but when all was said and done the sky’s cleared up just long enough for everyone to get their money’s worth and start their week off right.

Warm Up:

30 X SSH

25 X Hill-Billy’s

15 x Cotton Pickers

As we keep warming up more people keep showing up, but no time to waste lets get it on! Mosey to the track and plank in place and knock out 10 pull-ups until Hooch finds the keys to let us inside the track.

The Thang:

The Bile: This exercise is a modification of what the Heavy Heavy guys had to preform. However they had already been up and getting beat-down for 32 hours prior too, so no complaining!

Run 1 mile, once complete preform 50 Burpees

Run another mile, once complete preform 25 Burpees

Run 1/2 mile cool down then knock out 10 Pull ups.

I might have underestimated the amount of time we have to work with and had to cut the workout a little short, regardless I’m going to blame the time crunch on Hooch for taking so long to track down the right key.

Once complete mosey back to the flagpole just in time for COT.


Men and Women in uniform serving our beautiful country.


Hooch way to step up and take the Q this Wednesday. #HIM

Tombstone you kicked it up a notch at  the end brother, you’ve made huge gains on your speed and were flying back to the flag pole. Now that I now you have that extra kick I’m going to keep my eye on you and make sure you aren’t sandbagging.

Epo as always nothing but respect brother, showing up Hate Hate’s a quarter of your age!

It was great meeting up with our “new guys” Preacher Man, Spalding, and Wannabe. I expect for all of you to be leading a workout within 3 months.

Speaking of taking a Q, Eight penny its time brother.

Its always fun taking the Q when there is a threat of heavy rain. I always seem to come away with a great story and a stronger bond with my F3 Brothers.

Always a pleasure to lead,

Sir Mix Out-




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