Heavy Heavy Log and Tires

QIC: Ugly Stik and Bob the Builder

Date: 4-21-17

# of PAX: 31

PAX: Fire Marshall Bill, Eight Penny, Homeland, Surf-n-Turf aka Sulfur Toes, The Hoff, FNG – Bath Salts (Tyler Davis), The Ratt, Parrot Head, Last, Biggie Smalls, Double Check, Capt. Stubing, Wreck It Ralph, All About that Bass, Sir Mix A Lot, Wrigley, Niles, Busted Grill, Minecraft, Mr. Kotter, Tiny Dancer, Dino, Gobo, Venus, Heat Pump, The Adjuster, Tank, Bob the Builder, Edsel, Gravity


25 IW IC

The Thang:

Split up into 2 teams. Group 1 with Ugly Stik, Group 2 with BTB. Group 1 mosey to the wood line near parkway drive. I instruct the Hoff that I need his leadership skills for the next task which he gleefully accepts. The F3 GoRuck Heavy Heavy team who joined us at Coastal Surge a few weeks ago left their massive coupon, aka 20ish foot telephone pole in the treeline, much to the surprise and glee of the Cape Fear PAX this morning! Time to get this bad boy to the pull-up bars!

Drop the log at the intersection and mosey to the pull up bars for a circuit.
10 Pullups, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, Bear Crawl across the bridge to Goose Poop Island, 20 Wall Jumps then 20 V-Ups. Mosey up the stairs and back to the pull-up bars. Circle back to pickup the 6. Meet up with Group 2 led by BTB for some American Hammers. Down the stairs to Goose Poop Island we go. Grab some wall for 10 Incline Merkins followed by 10 Derkins. 20 Burpees OYO for fun.

Time to get 4 dragging tires and 1 very heavy flipping tire from the intersection back to the flags! Double back to the flipping tire which was being rolled. YHC must not have spoken loud enough when he said no rolling. In lieu of rolling we now must pick that bad boy up and shoulder it to the flags.

Bob’s version of events with his team:
Take turns flipping tire x 5. Rotate with a group on a dragging tire to end of the road. Once tires reach end of the road, rotate flipping tire x 5, run to end of road and back until tire gets there.

Run around the pond to Goose Poop Island. Grab a spot on the wall for clock merkins x 5 IC, 2 rounds. Find a spot on the ground for V-Ups x 25 IC. Run upstairs to the road. Broad jump burpees to the corner of the road. Plank for the 6. Run to pull up bars.

2 rounds of pull ups x 5, chin ups x 5, side grip pull ups x 5, knees to chest x5, dips x 20, squats x 25. Plank for the 6. Log carry back to the flags.

Now we are all back together for 5 minutes of Mary consisting of WW II situps, Flutter Kicks, Rosalita’s, Freddy Mercuries and a couple more.


Welcome FNG – Bath Salts (Tyler Davis)!

Continued prayers and lifting up of Uncle John, Hoff’s brother!

Safe travels to our most (RESPECT)ed member, Busted Grill as he does his cross country tour to visit his family!

Apologies for the delayed post!

Strong work to the ALL the PAX this morning!

As always, it is an honor to lead!

Ugly Stik, Out!



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