How to do a 2 hr Workout in 60ish minutes


The pax- THE Adjuster, Ballboy, Blue Steel, Cracker, Dino, Edsel, Epo, Gobo, Homeland, Last, Milton, Minecraft, Seahorse, SirMixaLot, Sulfur Toes, Venus


The answer to the title is you can’t. But we gave it our best effort. Here’s how It went down on a weather perfect #F3Baywatch day.

First, Gage and the Hoff ran 47 miles EC at o dark 30. We passed as the sun came up. Hoff has been a beast. Gage has become a beast. SirMixaLot was spotted doing EC also. Tclaps brothers.

Warmup  SSH IC x 20  countarama  Let’s mosey to the beach, we have a lot of stuff to do.  We stopped at grandma’s lot to do plank jacks to gather the 6.

Once we hit the beach access there were some treats waiting for us.  YHC had several coupons at work that seemed a perfect fit for Baywatch- 4 30″ 8x8s, 4 cinder blocks, plus a couple brick bundles from a ruck. We gathered up the 10 coupons, ran back across the bridge to the 6, then back to beach.

The Thang-

We’re all here. Divide up into 4 teams. There are 5 stations at different beach accesses from Tower 7 to Johnny Mercers. Each team does the exercises as a unit, and, travels from station to station together- With the coupons. All numbers are cumulative for the team

First Station- Jack Webbs.  Travel beach  3 Beach accesses.

Second Station- 100 squats w coupons.  400 air squats Travel beach 3 Beach accesses.

Third Station- 100 Clean and press with coupon.  400 Peter Parkers.  Travel beach 3 Beach accesses.

Fourth Station-  200 flutter kicks w coupons.  200 flutter kicks. Travel beach to life guard stand at pier

Fifth Station- 200 LBCs w coupons and 100 Surfees.

Now we have to hustle to get all coupons back to the flags.

YHC underestimated the time it would take to get the coupons home, but what you gonna do. They got to get them home, so here we go. Last and Venus actually had other activities planned this am, so they lifo’d but still got their full hour in. The remaining 15 pax beat feat back with coupons in tow.

No time for Mary.

Co T- HAPPY BIRTHDAY Last!  You owe us a Q. Hope you had a great one brother. Homeland led us out in our BOM. Great job brother.

‘Moleskin-  Everyone did a great job working as a team.  That was the point. None of us are doing F3 or life solo. #Live3rd.   SirMixaLot was a beast today. YHC kept sending him back for another coupon, the 6, etc. Your spirit is contagious. Tclaps to Ballboy making 3 Baywatches in a row. Need you in the weekday gloom. Loved getting to know Edsel better who was in my team today. That dude is awesome. Sulfur Toes, we saw you catch a ride in that co-ed rv.  How else did you get back so fast?  Milton, it was all about the love. The Adjuster, did you get wet today?  EPO, would you move in already?  We need some paratrooper brew. Dino’s team did great today, although they seemed to have counting issues. Cracker joined Venus in representing the hatehates today. They represented the youngins well. Thank goodness Gobo is still going strong with us. A little afraid he might leave us for FIA.  Homeland, I always feel safe and patriotic working out with you. Thanks for what you do. Seahorse snuck in late, but brought the heat. He appears to be on the mend. Blue Steel, loved the energy today. We need to get you in the Q seat soon.

It was an honor and privilege to lead today. What a great group to be associated with. Tonight I was at a party. I’m usually pitching F3, but tonight guys were  coming to me asking about us. Our impact is spreading pax.

YHC- LETC out.



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