Serving up some shredded shoulders

QIC: Venus

Date: 4/20/17

# of Pax: 12

Pax: Johnny Gage, Mr. Kotter, BTB, Hoff, Niles, Redline, Patch Adams, Capt. Stubbing, Trump, Morpheus, Omar.


Warm up:

Side Straddle Hop x30IC

Annie x20 IC (hold high plank “wax on wax off” 4 count)

Morocaan Night Club x30IC

The Thang:

Let’s Mosey. Head towards Heartbreak Hill. Along the way we stopped at the convention center parking deck and did some ascending testicles. (10 degrees x10IC, 45 degrees x10IC, balls to the wall x10IC). Lets keep moseying!!!!! Stopped at PPD for some Capt. Terrible Thor’s. 1:4 ratio of Big Boy situps, American Hammers and THEN add 5 merkins in between each set. All the way to 10 Big Boy Situps and 40 american Hammers. Let’s mosey to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill. Partner up! DORA 1-2-3. 100 Burpees, 200 Mike Tyons, 300 Sweat Angels. Welllllll that was the plan. We ended up doing 100 Burpees, 150 Mike Tysons, 200 Sweat Angels. STRONG WORK!!!! Time to head back to CoT and Capt. Stubbing suggested we take the scenic route; so we Indian Ran on the Riverwalk back to the CoT!


Prayers for Hoff as his brother needs some prayers in lifting him up!

Prayers for those who make us stronger.

Prayers for those who keep us safe.

BTB wore his weighted vest….BUTTTTTTTT he took it off half way through DORA! He was REALLY fast after he took it off! Strong work brotha!

Trump I am sorry you had to use a port-a-potti! I got nervous for you when dissappeared!

Niles way to push through this morning!

Gage and Mr. Kotter yall did some work this morning in the 30 minutes you were there.

Morpheus heal that Achilles.

Capt. Stubbing – thanks for the scenic tour

Redline – your like the hidden cheetah of the PAX! Strong work

Patch Adams pushed it today BOYS!

Hoff shirtless with pants….I really was expecting those nude ranger panties.

It was a pleasure this morning!

until next time….

Venus OUT!




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