The Gauntlet – HMP

QIC – Minecraft

# Pax – 13

Date – 19 April 2017

AO – Hump Day at Hugh McRae Park

Pax – Busted Grille, Wreck-it-Ralph, Dr. Freud, Niles, Tiny Dancer, Seahorse, Mayhem, Surf-n-Turf, Biggie Smalls (FNG Keith Smalley), Fire Marshal Billy-Bob, Gravity, Zoro.

CoP – side straddle hop x 20 IC, wind mill x 20 IC, mountain climber x 20 IC, mosey to pull-up bars

The Gauntlet – merkins, squats, pull-ups and burpees as many reps as possible in 3 minutes each exercise.  400 meter sprint timed.

Loop-D-Do – three exercises x 20 reps each then lap around island of parking lot at AO.  Then same three exercises x 19 reps each then lap around island.  Rinse and repeat subtracting 1 rep each time.  Exercises are: Carolina dry docks, v-ups and bobby hurlees.

CoT – Busted Grill recommends the movie A Case for Christ.  Niles will be moving his mother in-law Saturday morning (April 22).  He will buy those who help pizza and beer at A Slice of Life at noon Saturday.  Welcome to FNG Keith Smalley (Biggie Smalls).

Prayer of thanks for the Pax and the ability to workout today.  Prayer of thanks for Gravity’s fathers 83 years.  Prayer for guidance as we go through the day.


Thank you Pax.  Thank you F3.






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