Woodwork at Heavymetal


The Pax- Capt Stubbing, Gravity, Homeland, Sulfur Toes, Marshall Bill,  Minecraft, Morpheus.

7 pax joined the Q in the pre-dawn gloom to celebrate the start of another week.  Gappetto was to have the Q but got lost on his return from Grandma’s house, so here we go.  It felt appropriate to use the lumber in Gappetto’s honor.  YHC just happenend to have four 30″ 8x8s fall out of the back of the truck.

First a little warm-up.  Sealclaps IC x 20, Imperial Walkers IC x 20 and Cotton pickers IC x 20.

The Thang-

Mosey to the tennis court parking lot. Grab a partner and a coupon for Dora.

100 overhead lunges, 200 squat press, 300 weighted LBCs, all with the log.

Partner A runs to bottom of hill to fence and back while Partner B does excercise.  Flapjack until routine complete.  Plank and wait for the 6.

Next, with coupon 10 setups while partner does curb jumps.

rinse and repeat steups with shoulder taps.

One more time with LBCs.

Mosey to swings. Partner A does 10 v-ups on swing. Partner B does squats with coupon. Rinse and repeat 3 times.


Mosey to flag for Mary. Most everyone took a turn at Q until 6:15

Circle of Trust

prayers and thanks for Easter week. Prayers for Wrigley. Firemarshall Bill is planning an F3Dads event. Stay on look out. Thanks to the pax for posting.


Gravity says 10 posts will make F3 a habit. You’ll be there soon brother. Glad you found us.

‘Thanks for pushing me up the hill FM Bill. I like the headband. It was Hoff-ish.

Capt Stubing is getting to more workouts lately. Could it be a little too much family in town?  Thanks for sharing Dora today.

Homeland drove past Stingray to make a real workout. Tclaps brother.

Morpheus was on hand in case anyone hurt themselves with a coupon. Sorry we didn’t get you any customers today.

Minecraft was stealthy today but I think he ripped one in honor of Last.

Sulur Toes, it was awesome to see you carry that log solo back to the flag. You’re an inspiration everyday.

Way to start your week pax. It was a privilege and honor to lead today.

YHC- LETC out.



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