Going to the Woodshed

Date:  12 April 17

Pax: Niles, Heisenberg, Tombstone, Blue Crab, Eight Penny, Johnny Gage, Fire Marshal Bill, Trolly Stop

QIC: Donut

Nine pax (including two pax visiting from their usual F3 Cape Fear AO) descended upon the Screaming Eagle on a beautiful spring morning.  Sweating and pain is what was desired and YHC hoped to deliver.

Promptly at 5:30 (at least by Johnny Gage’s watch) the pax began:

SSH x 20, Imperial walkers x 20, Hillbillies x 20, flutter kicks x 20

To keep the blood flowing, the pax lined up at the first median, where they would sprint to each successive median (at least in theory).  At each median, they would perform different merkin variances x 20 (regular, diamond, wide arm, off-set).  Perhaps it was the new terrain, or perhaps they were not paying attention, but a couple of pax (Niles and Heisenberg) ended up about 4 medians ahead of everyone else at the far side of the parking lot.

The Thang:  To break in YHC’s new trail shoes, we moseyed over to the Ditch of Doom.  Multiple logs (or large branches) were scattered in the parking lot.  The instructions were for “each pax to pick a piece of pine” (say that fast 5x.  Seriously, try it out loud) that he would like to get to know over the course of the next 30 min or so.  It was said that no man would be judged by the size of his wood.  He would only be judged on his effort.  Every man must be able to handle his wood in a safe way.  The pax choose their wood-buddy and lined up at the edge of the DOD.  We would be doing 11’s.  On the far side, it “wood” be overhead presses.  On the near side it would be squats.  Carry your wood the entire time and try not to drop it.   Off we go.

At the conclusion of the wood-toting, it was declared that all the wood needed to be transported back to the flag.  But let’s not make it easy.  Lunge walk 1/3, High-knees 1/3, and karyoke 1/3.

Back at the flag we still had some time, so let’s share Mary…

Donut – American Hammer

Niles – Boat pose

Heisenberg – Superman (in song)

Johnny Gage – Cockroach

Tombstone – Pickle pumpers

Fire Marshal Bill – Oblique plank ups, or something like that

Hard work by all…..

COT: Prayers for those with needs spoken and unspoken.  Prayers for educators, health care professionals and all those protecting and caring for others in need.

Niles and Heisenberg – Thanks for joining us!  Hope to see you around again.

Johnny Gage – The Big Ben of the bunch.  Made sure we started on time.  Aye!!

Blue Crab – Strong silent work!

Tombstone and Trolly Stop are not afraid to take big pieces of tree.  Way to push yourselves

FMB – Those oblique plank up things are rough at the end of a work out.   Nicely done!!!





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