Adjustagrille Part II

After warm-up by The Adjuster, split up into 1’s and 2’s. Apparently there was some confusion about 1 and 2. If you said 1 you’re a 1, if you said 2 you’re a 2. Where’s Dino when you need him? 1’s moseyed to goose poop field for 20 wall jumps and 10 burpees. Theoretically the 2’s would pass us on the bridge as we moseyed to the pull-up bars. Whatever. 5 pull-ups, 5 knee ups, and 10 dips, mosey back across the bridge for rinse and repeat. By now there are 1’s and 2’s all over, so go to The Adjuster’s BB to see how this all turned out. There were some hate hate spottings reported. Thanks to The Adjuster. I hope Adjustagrille will ride again some day. Good time to remember and reflect on John 3:16. BG out.


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