Circuit Day and Post Birthday Q

30 PAX joined  Adjustagrille for a Friday morning Post Birthday Q beat down

PAX: Geppetto (Raleigh), BTB, Zuckerberg, Heinsberg, FireMarshall Bill, ChopShop, Wreck-it-Ralph, Trump, Flounder, The Mighty Wiz, Gage, 8 Penny, Shut In, Tigger, Cracker, Venus, Wrigley, LETC, Niles, Last, Lumbar, Redline, Gravity, Hoff, Tombstone, GoBo, Surf-N-Turf, Donut, Busted Grill



24 Mountain Climbers

12 Merkins

Downward Dog into Cobra

Hip Mobility stretching

The Thang:

Split up and Mosey to the Pull up bars to complete a circuit

5 pull ups

5 knee ups

10 Dips

Run across the bridge to Bird Poop Island and complete 10 burpees

15 wall jumps then run back to the pull up bars

Rinse and Repeat 3x’s

While waiting on the 6, BTB and BG lead a round of Mary

Find a grass patch and perform 2 rounds of 10 Ploy-Merkins

Next form 2 lines from pull up bars and lunge walk to the the intersection

Recover and then groups split again to sprint to the nearest speed bump and run backwards back to the start 2x and then head to the flag

BG leads Mary with Flutter Kicks and American Hammer


20 PAX showed up for J&J today…Strong work

Airport Mud Run this weekend at the Airport.  You can sign up there and pay your $ if you are interested

Prayers to those fasting 24 hours today whether it is from food, internet or something else we covet

Niles lead us on some scripture and perspective today…Always remember what Jesus did for us on the Cross

Too many people to shout out today.  Thanks for letting myself and Busted Grill (AdjustaGrille)  lead today.  Always an honor and privilege…Until next time

The Adjuster



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