QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 4-12-17

# of PAX: 13

PAX: The Ratt, Etch-A-Sketch, Edsel, LETC, Blue Steel, Gilligan, Cracker, Bob the Builder, Zuckerberg, Trump, Venus, Hops (Visiting from CLT)


20 IW IC
20 Cotton Pickers IC
20 Carolina Dry Docks IC
20 Annie’s (see definition)

The Thang:

Mosey to the concession stand and get in single file line.
Bear Crawl 75 yards and then lunge walk the last 25 to the shelter

Aiken Legs: 20 Squats, 20 Bench Jumps, 20 Lunges, 20 Split Jacks

Ascending Testicles: 5 – 4 count derkins at 15 degrees, 45 degrees and full balls to the wall!

Circle up in the grass for Jack Jack Webbs (Jack Webbs hateful brother)
1 Merkin 1 Plank Jack at top then 1 overhead press ascending from 1 rep up to 10 for 10 total rounds for a total of 55 of each movement.

Booyah! Merkins: In honor of the late great Stuart Scott, who no doubt would have been an F3 Dash pax, had F3 been in Winston-Salem decades ago. 2 pax plank facing each other perform merkin in unison and on up move reach out and tap right hand to partner’s left shoulder, repeat merkin in unison with left hand tap to partner’s shoulder to complete one rep. Each up move accompanied by a spirited BOOYAH!

Mosey over to the parking lot for something new! The Bridge of Hate! The PAX form a line by laying on there back shoulder to shoulder. One pax will then be lifted and passed down the line of the pax that are laying on the ground. When the pax that was being passed down the line gets to the front he lays next to the last man and the man at the rear of the line then gets passed down, so forth and so on.

Mosey to the new skate park to meet “Faith Hill”

Bernie Sanders:Find the tallest hill you can and traverse it from bottom to top while running backwards. You’ll find the quads you never had and all the while feeling the BERN. We did this x 5.

Clock Merkins: 5 reps at 12 oclock, 3, 6 and 9. Rinse and repeat for a total of 2 rounds.

Time to end the my Q streak the way it all started:
50 Burpees OYO and a lap around the pond of pain! Pick up the 6 when you are done!

We arrive back at the flag just in time for 2 minutes of protractor led by BTB!


Remember the reason for this week, the death and resurrection and the meaning behind it. Good call Zuck!

Hops from CLT, you chose wisely and got a good beat down. Glad to have you and hope to see you ITG again soon!

Yes Ratt, the YHC’s voice may have “cracked” a couple times this morning. I’ve been out Q’ing and motivating while you’ve been fartsacking the last couple days 🙂

Zuckerberg and Edsel – you guys are becoming regular faces and I like it! Is BTB black mailing you somehow???

Cracker – glad you found your way back to Stingray on your spring break week!

Blue Steel – Looking strong brother!

Trumpenus! – what can I say? Huuggggeee!!!

Gilligan glad to have you back from your world travels!

Etch-A-Sketch: looking good after tossing a gem on the diamond last night!

LETC: last but certainly not least! Looking like your old nickname out there: DIESEL!

McGyver, Ball Bearing, Coffee Bean where are you guys???

Airport Mud Run this weekend at the Airport. Gobo, Parrot Head, Busted Grill and Redline and Sulfur Toes are attending currently.

Prayers for family/friends/community of local custodian and her mother formerly at Wrightsville Beach Elementary found murdered this weekend.

Fast on Friday with Niles. Make the Fast your on, fast for 24 hours, fast from one meal, fast from the internet, just choose something honor God.

College Acres Baptist Church – Easter Egg Hunt at 11 and Truck Show from 9-2 pm I believe Saturday? All welcome, see Sparky for details.

Extra prayers sent up for our brother Wrigley again this morning!

Prayer’s for Hoff’s EH’s girlfriend Natalie and liver issues.

Busted Grill’s wife having back issues that may cause troubles during his upcoming travels of the world to visit his family in CA and HI! Prayers that her injections work!

T-Claps to all the PAX picking up their brothers and having their 6 this morning!

Strong work to the ALL the PAX this morning!

As always, it is an honor to lead!

Ugly Stik, Out!


2 thoughts on “Booyah!

  1. Chad Blankenburg says:

    Glad to have joined you men. Got a great thing going there in Wilmington. Thankful for the brotherhood of F3 while away from home. Couple of observations: If you haven’t already officially retired the Bridge of Hate – do it. Now. It could be the demise of F3 Cape Fear if allowed to fester. And as for Booyah’s with someone 6″-7″ taller…unsavory and cruel. Glad Edsel got a good laugh at my expense.
    And by the way, that empty pool is an accident waiting to happen….but got to be a way to incorporate that in a future #F3Stingray. Solid Q Stik. Great posting with you fellas. Come see the Area51 pax in Charlotte sometime, so we can repay the hospitality. Aye?!



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