Run Forrest Run

QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 4-11-17

# of PAX: 14

PAX: Busted Grill, Niles, The Adjuster, Hoff, BTB, Zuckerberg, Venus, Johnny Gage, Hoveround, Capt. Stubing, LETC, Fire Marshall Bill, Morpheus


42 SSH IC for our Brother, The Adjuster, in honor of his birthday today!

The Thang:

Mosey to the Parking Deck as a group.

Partner up with and accountability partner or small pace group. Fast pace up the ramp to level 2, recover back down and complete 30 LBC’s, back up to level 3. Continue until you reach the top and back down for a total of 120 LBC’s. When you finish go pick up the 6!

Split into 2 groups for Donatello x 2!

Regroup the PAX and Indian run the long way back to COT. Down Walton until it meets Reigel, then hang a right past all the dorms back to the Flag.

Jail break for the last 200 Yards!


Airport Mud Run this weekend at the Airport. Gobo, Parrot Head, Busted Grill and Redline and Sulfur Toes are attending currently.

Prayers for family/friends/community of local custodian and her mother formerly at Wrightsville Beach Elementary found murdered this weekend.

Fast on Friday with Niles. Make the Fast your on, fast for 24 hours, fast from one meal, fast from the internet, just choose something honor God.

College Acres Baptist Church – Easter Egg Hunt at 11 and Truck Show from 9-2 pm I believe Saturday? All welcome, see Sparky for details.

Extra prayers sent up for our brother Wrigley again this morning!

Prayer’s for Hoff’s EH’s girlfriend Natalie and liver issues.

Busted Grill’s wife having back issues that may cause troubles during his upcoming travels of the world to visit his family in CA and HI! Prayers that her injections work!

Affirmations for Morpheus knocking out 3 mile EC run prior to workout, and Capt Stubing for digging deep and pounding some pavement this morning.

Morpheus is going to be coming out at 0500 every Tuesday for EC in training for the BRR.

T-Claps to all the PAX picking up their brothers and having their 6 this morning!

Strong work to the ALL the PAX this morning!

As always, it is an honor to lead!

Ugly Stik, Out!



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