Carrying Extra Weight

QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 4-10-17

# of PAX: 10

PAX: Niles, Gappetto, Venus, Cracker, Sparky, Bob the Builder, Trump, Gobo, Zuckerberg


25 Seal Claps IC
20 Imperial Walkers IC

The Thang:

50 Burpees then Lap around the Pond of Pain. When you are done circle back and pick up your Brothers in the 6.

Gather back at the flag and inventory our coupons: 6 Rucks with appropriate weight, 1 F3 Flag, 1 25 lb Cape Fear Team Weight and 2 very heavy steel radial tractor trailer tires.

Flag and Team weight must remain in the front and the tires must be drug to the softball fields roughly 3/4 mile away.

We beat our time objective so we only had to complete 10 Burpees IC instead of 20.

“These tires aren’t going to get themselves back to the truck”, said BTB. He was correct. With 15 minutes remaining new objective is to tires back to the flag. Flag and coupon remain in front but tires can be moved however the PAX decide, but must stay next to each other. About 1/4 the way back YHC noticed that rolling the tires was way to easy on the PAX. HALT! New rules: Now the tires CANNOT touch the ground. Take a few seconds and figure out a new strategy, but tires must remain next to each other as they move.

We end up at the bleachers overlooking the Futbol fields and plant the flag and ground our rucks with a few minutes to spare. Niles is put in charge of the flag and the PAX to guide us loaded with coupons up and down two flights of bleachers and back to the COT.

2 minutes left so let’s end with some WWII Situps x 25 and Freddie Mercury’s x 25.


Today’s theme was WEIGHT, whether it be physical, mental, emotional what have you as well as Team Work. Together with each other’s support the WEIGHT is always made lighter. I had my #CoopStrong brick in my ruck, and BTB had hidden an extra 20 lbs in his ruck as well. Was able to tell Papa Smurf’s story and the reason behind #CoopStrong. Powerful stuff shared between brothers this morning!

Airport Mud Run this weekend at the Airport. Gobo, Parrot Head, Busted Grill and Redline are attending currently.

Prayers for family/friends/community of local custodian and her mother formerly at Wrightsville Beach Elementary found murdered this weekend.

Fast on Friday with Niles. Make the Fast your on, fast for 24 hours, fast from one meal, fast from the internet, just choose something honor God.

College Acres Baptist Church – Easter Egg Hunt at 11 and Truck Show from 9-2 pm I believe Saturday? All welcome, see Sparky for details.

Extra prayers sent up for our brother Wrigley this morning!

As I said on slack, I was proud of all the team work and communication I witnessed this morning. Everyone had a chance to should the weight together with their brothers and it was a beautiful sight!

Strong work to the ALL the PAX this morning!

As always it is an honor to lead!

Ugly Stik, Out!



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