Heavy Heavy Birthday Q!

69 Pax (30 from F3HH001) got after it at HMP. Holy crap…69!

QIC: Dino, Niles (DiNiles)

DATE: 4/7/2017

PAX: EPO, Woodchuck (FNG), Trump, Minecraft, Adhesive (FNG), Hoff, Lumbar, Clamdigger, Milton, Linus (Cadre Daniel), Ramrod, Busted Grill, Parrothead, Zorro, Sulfur Toes, Hotwheels, Sir Mix, Breean?, Morpheus, 2 Buck Chuck, LETC, Tom Sawyer, Johnny Cochrane (FNG),  Johnny Gage, Blow Horn (FNG), GOBO, Marta, Sponge Bob, Gepetto, Capt Stubing, Prime Time, Bush, Homeland, Stalker, Tombstone, Whatley, Solo, Winnebago, Cornwallis, Smithers, Seahorse, Clipboard, Blackberry, The Adjuster, LL (FNG), Ugly Stick, Little Punk, Etzel, Fracture, Ball Bearing, Lex Luther, Niles, Spano, Tootsie, The Ratt, Gulf Stream, BTB, PYT, Keg Stand, Venus, 8 Penny, Magpie (FNG), Last, Haaahvad, Tecumseh, Flounder, Cracker (LIFO)


Drop Rucks.

Warm up to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. SSH/Burpees

2 Lines: Mosey to Linus Hill for Jacob’s Ladder.

2 Lines pairing F3CapeFear pax with F3HH001 Pax. Chant march to pick up rucks courtesy of Hotwheels. Continue down speed bump alley. Stop at pull up bars. F3CapeFear Pax take the rucks. Bear crawl to the bridge, then lunge walk to the wall. Plank until 6 arrives. Oh shit, look at the clock! Line back up and mosey back to COT. Niles lead some Yoga stretches followed by a Prayer.


-What an incredible way to start the day (at least for the Cape Fear guys). Really and honor to be able to host 30 great men from around the country (and World-Magpie).

-It was awesome to have Cadre Daniel back in his native state. He will be in Raleigh on Oct 20th leading a 20-mile ruck in support of Operation Enduring Warrior. Put that on your calendars.

-Happy Birthday to Niles! Great prayer reading and the Yoga tied it all together.

-I saw Sulfur Toes lift that log up!!! Strong brother.

-Great to have Lumbar back again. Three posts in a 7 day period!!! Keep it up.  Hope that flesh wound heals up soon. Know any good doctors?

-Thanks to Hotwheels for chanting like a champion. That always get my blood flowing.

-Great to see Clamdigger (our GrowRuck photographer) dominating the Heavy Heavy. T-Claps to his wife who is the photog for the Heavy Heavy.

-Hoff took his shirt off.

-The log PT was a nice little reminder of GrowRuck02. Ahhh the memories.

-Thanks to all the brothers who brought the water and the enthusiasm this morning.

What a day!



3 thoughts on “Heavy Heavy Birthday Q!

  1. letcf3 says:

    All of that is news, except the Hoff taking has shirt off part. Not sure if seeing the End at GrowRuck or if today gave better Go Juice. That was Awesome! You have to admire the hell out of those Ruckers. Our 45 minutes of distraction had an positive impact on them as well. Tclaps CapeFear. Happy Birthday Dino and Niles- and great BDQ. Suspect you will never forget this one.


  2. Sherman Lee says:

    You guys really provided great emotional support to us ruckers. It was awesome feeling the commaraderie from fellow f3 brethren. Thank you for the convergence and the support.




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