Torrential Triple Decker

(of rain) falling rapidly and in copious quantities.
“a torrential downpour”

synonyms: copious, heavy, teeming, pelting, severe, relentless, violent

QIC: Gepetto (sub for Redline)

# of PAX: 6

PAX: Epo, Heisenberg, Last, Lumbar, Bob the Builder

AO: Battleship

Six PAX pushed through the storm to summit the legendary three parking decks this morning while the rest of their Thursday morning militia held down base camp (aka fartsacked)


Mozy through rain to CFCC staff parking deck

Burpee x 20 OYO
Mtn Climber x 20 IC

The Thang

Donatello – stair flight suicides, up to every plateau and back down until reaching the top.

Plank for the Six

Mozy to CFCC student deck

Donatello, regroup on the roof

Mozy to Convention Center parking deck

Donatello up that bad boy  (if we can find the stair case)

Sprint through pouring rain back to our rain coats that were left at the first parking deck.

Burpee x 20 OYO
Mtn Climber x 20 IC


Prayers of safe travels for Epo & Hootch’s families as they head south to splurge in the Keys. I mean attend a health care conference…. I expect a nice ranger panty tan line when you get back Epo!

Prayers for Last’s friend whose grand  daughter is struggling with opiate addiction and for the family of her late boyfriend who  recently died from overdose. And for all those struggling with addiction and the people around them.

Also for the homeless that had nowhere to go during this storm, especially the man under the tarp at the corner of N 3rd and Campbell. It’s easy to forget about these people while we take shelter in our warm dry homes.



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