Just hangin’ with the Bro’s at the Bars

The PAX: Gravity, Flounder, Dr. Freud, Mr. Kotter, Morpheus,Zorro,Niles, Last, Tiny Dancer, Mayhem,( Wreck-it Ralph audited course )
QIC: Busted Grill  Warm-up: Seal-claps 20 IC, Imperial Walkers 20 IC, Cotton Pickers 20 IC, Merkins 20 IC

The Thang: Mosey to the pull-up bars to hang out. 11 PAX, 11 bars, perfect. Grab a bar, start with one rep alternating pull-ups toes to the bar and dips then deep lunging (get those knees dirty) between the 9 bar set up and the 2 bar set up. Snake through each bar set up. Work up to 5 reps of each exercise. 1 rep was easy, it got hard fast. Mosey to bridge, bear crawl bridge then 20 wall jumps or step-ups on wall. Mosey up stairs and back to flag for Mary. Instruction was, first one there starts Mary, well I didn’t get there first and when the cats away, you know what? There was some unplanned hangin’ out before Mary.

Mary: flutter kicks, hello dolly, side bends?, lbc’s, finishing with mountain climbers by Flounder.

COT / Moleskin: Counterama, namerama, Flytrap tonight for HDHO. Prayers for PAX, USA leaders, military and first responders. Thanks for the opportunity, BG.

Gravity is too heavy a topic for me to jump into Niles. It gets me down. I’ll wait to sink into your in-light-ening post.









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