Concession Stand Dews

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Tombstone, EPO, Hooch, Bluecrab, Wrigley, 8-penny, Foxtrot


20 SSH, IC

Charles Atlas Stretch x 2

15 Hillbillies, IC

Arm Stretch x 2

10 Squats, to 90-degrees, IC

5 Merkins, Chest to Ground, IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the Concession Stand with our Coupon (25 lb. bumper plate). The Concession Stand was closed so we cashed in our coupon on the soccer pitch, wet with dew, but inviting for F3 SE Pax who ditched the fartsack for a circuit beatdown.

25 Minutes AMLAPs (As Many Laps As Possible).

Use 4 light towers as a lap. At every corner/tower, stop, OYO complete the following movements:

1st Light Tower/Stop | Burpee | Run to Tower 2

2nd Light Tower/Stop | 4-count Flutter Kick | Run to Tower 3

3rd Light Tower/Stop | Single Count Squat, break 90-degrees at Knee | Run to Tower 4

4th Light Tower /Stop | Single Count Merkin, Chest to Ground | Run to Tower 1

Descending Ladder | Lap 1: 10 EA, Lap 2: 9 EA, Lap 3: 8 EA…

Pax as a Pack

As Pax finish a lap, Pax line up for seated Russian twist with coupon until all Pax complete the lap. Next lap doesn’t start until all Pax are together.

Completed 6 laps.

Mosey to Gazebo w/ Coupon

Partner Exercise

1 partner does 10 step-ups – alternate leg.

1 partner does 15 dips.


Mosey back to the flag w/ Coupon

Partner Exercise

Curb Taps from High Plank Position

Other partner runs across parking lot and back

Rinse & Repeat x 3.


Thanks to all who showed up for my initial Q! Made the morning even better!

Great to see Wrigley back. Strong work! 45-minutes of continuous movement. Follow EPO’s advice – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate your way to a full recovery.

8-Penny wins casual dress Wednesday award – build well, look better!

Thanks to EPO for finding us.

Bluecrab is committed to 3 x’s p/ week. (I heard him say that).

Tombstone looks anything but one early in the morning – must smile 24/7.

Thanks, Hooch, for the encouragement.

Prayers for Kristi, Richard & J – healing and strength w/in family.

Strong work!

Honor to be out in front!

Adversity | Perseverance | Character | Hope. ROM 5:3-5

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot


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