Jar of Pain

Date: 3 April 2017

QIC : Sir Mix

AO: Screaming Eagle

PAX: Trolley Stop, 8 Penny, Donut, Tombstone, Fire Marshal Bill,  Hooch, Epo, Foxtrot, Blue Crab, and last but certainly not least Busted Grill.


SSH X 30

Hill Billy’s x 20

Burpees x 5 ” that’s for you Parrot Head”

Lets get it on!!!!

The Thang:

The Jar of Pain…. please allow me to explain…. it will test your range, but you never have to use your brain.

Trying  my best to emulate a Mudrun the Jar of pain was born. This allows the PAX to pick their own fate while pulling a card from a large Jar. Once a card has been pulled the chosen one  reads off what exercise / destination has been selected. The exercises range  from Merkins, Pull ups, One legged squats and so on, while constantly running to the next destination.

When everything was said and done we only had enough time to draw 4 cards, and no Mary.


Please be with our officers / first responders and Men and Women serving in the military.

Allow us to go into the community and be better leaders.

As always,

thank you for allowing me to lead.

Sir Mix out-



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